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Haiti Ministry

Santa Says: 

Get Some of the Beautiful Hand-Embroidered
Tablecloths, Napkins and Placemats Made by The Embroidery
Women of Sassier 

     Sacred Heart Parish’s Haiti Ministry will be sponsoring a sale of beautiful hand-made linens made by the Women’s Embroidery Group of Sassier.  Sale will be held on the weekends of December 10/11 and 17/18 in the Gathering Space after all the weekend Masses.

Gwup Broidery-Pawas SenJan Batise Sasye/Women’s Embroidery Group-St Jean Baptiste Parish, Sasye 

The women of St Jean Baptiste Parish in Sassier, Haiti have a tradition of making beautiful hand embroidered linens to brighten their homes and the homes of friends and neighbors.  Sassier has no running water, no electricity, and no paved streets.   Done mostly by oil lamp after the evening meal is completed, these linens reflect an artistry that is quite rare today.  Many hours of careful work is reflected in the hand tied fringes, the artful embroidery and crewel stitching.   Since 1999, St Jean Baptiste has been the twin parish of Sacred Heart Parish in Winnetka, IL.   All the proceeds from the sales of these linens go directly to the women who made the items.   And, by unanimous agreement, each woman donates 5% of her earnings to a fund for “The Poor of the Parish.”  The Embroidery Ladies hope that you enjoy your hand-embroidered linens from Haiti.

** Pictures of the items will be coming soon!