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SHYM :: What We Do

Please join us for 4:30 Sunday mass followed by Sparked Hearts in the teen room in the basement of the parish center. We always have a steady supply of junk food and fun. Other activities, such as trips and service projects, are announced as we go along. We hope to build community, learn about ourselves and our faith, and have fun together! Sparked Hearts is open to anyone in high school – all are welcome! Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, in the bulletin, on the parish bulletin board, or here!


For the summer, it’s always best to kick back and relax. Our normal rotation will be substituted with a cavalcade of fun activities – it’s like Just for Fun all summer long!


We know you have crazy schedules that sometimes makes coming to a weekly youth group tough. So, each week of the month has a specific theme, so you can attend your favorites once a month, twice a month, or every week!

1st Sunday of the Month: At the Movies We watch clips from popular films and discuss topics from life and faith. Always an excellent supply of popcorn.

2nd Sunday of the Month: Just for Fun Every once and a while, you need some time for nothing but fun. Once a month spend an hour with us playing games and making friends.

3rd Sunday of the Month: One Word Sometimes you just need to talk about stuff. Each meeting is a freewheeling, undirected discussion on just one word. Those topics? Chosen by you!

4th Sunday of the Month: Do Something! It’s not enough just to have faith, we have to put our faith into action! Often not on Sunday, we will do some service in the community. We are always looking for more places to serve, so don’t be afraid to come forward with ideas!