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Ministers of Care

We are in need of Ministers of Care to bring Communion to the sick, homebound and hospitalized of our parish.

A training session will be offered this summer and fall at St. Benedict Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Hollbrook Hall 6930 West Touhy Avenue Niles, Illinois.

This course is designed with the person in mind who is new to parish ministry. Each session will focus on a particular aspect of the Ministry of Care; however, the unifying thread woven through all is a commitment to helping you develop the skills and confidence needed to be a source of comfort to those who are sick.

 Sessions will run two hours and will include a talk given by an experienced facilitator accompanied by group discussion and/or an exercise to help you practice a particular skill.

If you have any questions regarding the Ministers of Care Ministry, please contact Mike McNulty or Judy Pyke at 847-446-0856.