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Lector Refresher Course

Dear fellow Sacred Heart lectors,

I am Trip Lane, the new head of the Lectors and their representation on the liturgy committee.  A brief background:  I grew up here in Winnetka, went to Sacred Heart school, and was an altar boy here as well.  After living downtown (and being a lector at Holy Name Cathedral for 16 years), my wife and I and our two children moved back here in 2000.

Since I have been here, there has been no formal training or instruction of lectors, either new or current, even though there have been many changes in the Mass and in the structure of the Mass. So in order to standardize and review the procedure, choreography and the readings themselves, Sacred Heart will institute a lector refresher program. The lectors play a vital role in parish liturgies by communicating God’s word with his people, and the ability to involve everyone to the fullest extent possible in the celebration of Mass is crucial to this goal. The sessions will include a review of the choreography during Mass and tapings of each lector doing a reading from the lectionary.  After the tapings, the group will review all the readings, giving input and hopefully, praise each other.

All of this is in support of Sacred Heart’s mission, which is to provide the best possible experience for its parishioners each Sunday.  The refresher program will be held in the fall and there will be 5 separate sessions of which 3 will be mandatory attendance.  I’m certain that everyone will benefit from this program. We have a great lector corps and whether you have been lectoring for awhile or are a recent addition, this program will be a great help to everyone.  It has worked spectacularly well at Holy Name and I am certain it will do just as well here.  Many thanks for all your hard work and dedication.  If you have any questions, please contact me at or at home at 847-446-9245.  Thank you, Trip