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eApps Directions

Sacred Heart Parish
Instructions for Completion of the Background Check

Step One:
Go to and click on “VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children” on the top navigation menu.

Step Two:
Click on the link for “Background Check and Compliance Documents”

Step Three:
Here you will be able to download all the forms you need in order to comply with Archdiocesan screening requirements. Click on “eApps Background Check – New User Registration”

Step Four:
At the first entry box, click the blue button entitled “Open the Site Search”

Step Five:
In the site search window that pops up, type “Sacred Heart” then click “Search:

Step Six:
After the listing appears, click the “Select” button for either “Sacred Heart-Burr” for all parish volunteers, or “Sacred Heart-Gage School” for all school volunteers. You will see your selection appear in the “Primary Parish/School/Agency” box.

Step Seven:
The next box will ask for the “Access Code.” Enter the word “protection.”

Step Eight:
Complete the remainder of the form, including creating your own unique User ID and password. This User ID and password is unique to this online application and is  not the same as your VIRTUS Online User ID and password (unless you have intentionally created them to be the same).  Make note of your User ID and password because you will need it in a few minutes to log-in.

Step Nine:
Once you have completed this first page, including the creation of a unique User ID and password, click the “Submit Registration” button at the bottom.

Step Ten:
Now that your registration is complete, click “Please click here to login and continue with your application.” You will be re-directed to the log-in screen where you will have to enter the User ID and password you created.

Step Eleven:
Work through each of the sections presented on the main menu. The sections are as follows: Main Application, Archdiocese of Chicago Questionnaire, Residential History, Employment History, Educational History, Volunteer History, References, Declarations, Background Check and Select Sites. Once you have completed the required information and submitted it, the background check will be processed.

For questions, please contact Michelle Wasielewski at