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Founded in October, 1897 by Rev. Frederic J. Haarth ( 1897-1944 ) the parish has had but six pastors: Msgr. Reynold Hillenbrand (1944-1974), Rev. Tom Raftery(1974-1990), Rev. Robert Ferrigan ( 1990-2006 ), Rev. Robert J. Heidenreich (2006 – 2014), and our current pastor, Rev. Steven Lanza (2014- ). 

When Father Haarth, accompanied by Archbishop Feehan, arrived by train at what was then known as the Lakeside Station, they were greeted by a brass band and lead to the intersection of Tower Road and Burr Avenue where, in anticipation of his appointment, four lots had been purchased for the total price of $1000. The first church was under roof shortly and the first Mass was offered in the new building on Christmas Eve.

Having outgrown that building, the parish built the present church in 1925. It was renovated in 1957 and again in 1994, when it became fully accessible for those who are physically challenged. The original school opened in 1902 and the present school building was constructed in 1952 along with an additional six classrooms and reconfigured administrative space added in 2004. In that same year, a Parish Center for adult formation, religious education classes, social activities, meetings etc….was added. The convent built in 1957 now houses the parish offices.

Quotes from our pastors emeriti:

“Two very important aspects of Sacred Heart parish today is that we are a very warm, welcoming and inclusive parish family and we are also a very young parish. Statistics from the Office of Research and Planning show that 48% of our population is under 20 years old! Thus, I find being pastor of Sacred Heart both rewarding and challenging!” – Rev. Robert J. Heidenreich


“We cannot rest on our laurels. Are we, as a parish, living the principles and spirit of the gospel? We are fortunate to be here in this parish at this time. We are a frail people gifted with unlimited potential. Why did Father Haarth name our parish Sacred Heart? Because people of every age are drawn by love and kindness. This was true in 1897 and is still true today; and when our descendants read this, we pray that it will be true for them.” – Rev. Robert E. Ferrigan


“Realizing that the present age is drawn more by love and kindness, the pastor, in looking for a name for the parish selected that of the Sacred Heart, and the Archbishop decided to so call the parish.” – Rev. Frederic J. Haarth