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A Message From Father Steve:  An Open Invitation

The pilot process for the Renew My Church initiative has just begun.  There are two major paths by which it will continue.  There are the grouping meetings, that is, the meetings held with the pastors and three representatives (Mary Flocco, Niki Campbell and Mike McNulty) from each of the five parishes of the grouping.  All told, there are six grouping meetings on the schedule held between now and July.  (A seventh meeting is yet to be scheduled sometime in October.)

There are also parish sessions in each of the five parishes for Renew My Church.  An introductory session has already been held at Sacred Heart with all of the lay leadership of the parish (the members of the two councils and the two boards, about 45 lay people in all.)  Thanks to all who attended our most recent session on Tuesday, May 2.   There are four more parish sessions (the fifth one is tentatively scheduled for November 14th).

The remaining scheduled parish sessions will be held on the following evenings starting at 7:00 p.m. in the Sacred Heart Parish Center-

Tuesday, May 16

Tuesday, July 18

Tuesday, July 25

All Sacred Heart parishioners are invited to attend these parish sessions along with the lay leadership.  These sessions are meant to gather feedback and insights which are, in turn, shared with the representatives to the grouping meetings.

There is something of a back-and-forth flow to this process so that what is talked about in the grouping meetings is shared with parishioners at large, and what transpires in the parish sessions is shared at the grouping meetings.

To catch up those who are interested in what we talked about at the first parish session (held on March 14) notes from that gathering will be posted on the parish website early next week.

Looking Forward

What will we be considering in the upcoming parish sessions?

On May 2 we will be examining Current Realities: Part One, with parish demographics and participation (be prepared for a lot of data, much of which is already shared with you in the annual State of the Parish report).

On May 16 we will again take up Current Realities: Part Two, with the results of the Disciple Maker Index survey.

On July 18 the focus will be on Discerning Models: Part One.

And yes, you guessed it, on July 25 we will focus on Discerning Models: Part Two.