Meeting Notes – 8/14/17

Bonnel led opening prayers including prayers of the faithful

Discussed the recent marches/clashes in Charlottesville. A lot of mixed feelings. Most agreed free speech is a liberty that shouldn’t be limited except if insights violence.

Mr Dick Farley (Jack’s father) will be the speaker for Speaker Series November 6th. Adler to follow up with Farley on bio, etc to start marketing event

There will not be an Oktoberfest this year due to lack of parishioners taking the lead on running event. Disappointing but there will a party in the courtyard coinciding with Founders Day weekend and visit by Cardinal.

Adler will reach out to Dooley to see if he will lead Craft Beer Exchange again this Christmas time

Fay is running the Columbanis Christmas Dinner Food Drive again this December

Keiner offered up Hilda’s Soup Kitchen as another place looking for help.

Grodecki discussed the Sacred Heart Men’s Retreat October 13-15

An idea was floated by Fay and Levoy to do a Northwestern Football game and tailgate. Trying to find good date

Monthly Meeting (7/10/17) Summary

Bonnell led the opening prayers

Discussed Speaker Series – potential to have Jack Farley’s father Dick speak. Dick was a Deputy Director of the FBI and currently works for NFL Security. November 6th best date – waiting for Madigan to confirm The Lodge.

Discussed Bellarmine retreat and the many benefits of attending. Details can be found at

Extensive discussion on issues of abortion, priest pedophilia, confession and as Catholics how do we feel and deal with bad and the good?

Discussed donating to Career Resource Center again. We decided to hold off this year due to relatively low participation of SH parishioners in the program and would like to build our coffers.

Discussed the two main parish events – Oktoberfest and St Pats, and why there is a general apathy and low involvement in running these events. All agreed that parish events bring congregation together but not certain how to revitalize.

We will do Columbanus Christmas Food Drive at the Grand again. Fay leading efforts

Adler will check with Dooley on Craft Beer Exchange

Levoy may lead a Northwestern Tailgate event for parents and kids

Kleiner asked if the local chapter of Knights of Columbus, which he is involved with, could make a presentation to the Men’s Club. We agreed to revisit


Minutes – 6/12/17

Opening Prayers

Discussed lack of momentum with group. Lots of reasons cited such as summertime, other priorities and Monday meetings which have never been widely attended.

This led to discussions on the Speaker Series which is the most widely attended event. Some names were brought up:

Chris Collins, Kerry Woods, Rick Hahn….then Jack Farley brought up his father Dick Farley who served as Deputy Director for the FBI. Jack and Rich to follow up.

Rob brought up the upcoming issue with the annual Oktoberfest. He and his wife ran it last year and had a problem getting volunteers. They can not take the lead this year and the Parish may drop the party due to lack of a lead person volunteer. We discussed the issue of volunteers for parish-wide parties and lots of suggestions were raised. I think we all agreed that the Parish should form a Social Committee to plan events and get volunteers to run the events. Rich and Rob will follow up with Michelle and Fr. Steve. The idea of the Men’s Club taking over Oktoberfest and St Pat’s parties was shot down quickly.

Upcoming Men’s Club events that need to be planned: P’s & Q’s, Craft Beer Exchange and a possible Father/Child Northwestern game with tailgate.

Greg brought up the dates for the Bellarmine Silent retreat – October 13-15. Greg shared the details and the benefits of attending. Previously, there were pretty good attendance for the Sacred Heart weekend but lately it has waned. To learn more and sign up:


2015 St Columbanus Food Drive

The Men’s Club 2015 St Columbanus Food Drive was a great success as once again the generosity of The Grand Food Store Winnetka and patrons provided cash and food donations to provide over 500 Christmas dinners. Over two weekends in December, volunteers collected nearly $3,000 in cash and over 3,000 food product items including mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, soup, yams, and cake and frosting that were bagged along with a few miscellaneous items at the St Columbanus food pantry on December 19 by the Men’s Club and families. Paired with a ham, the Christmas dinners are handed out to clients of the food pantry along with the regular weekly provision. The St Columbanus Food Drive is in its eighth year and its success depends largely on the partnership with The Grand Food Store, Winnetka that allows solicitation outside the store, recognizes Sacred Hearts non-profit status, and assistance delivering the food product to the food pantry. We applaud their generosity and commitment to helping those in need. Father Matt at St Columbanus and Preston provided a welcoming environment for all involved plus details on the rich history of the parish and food pantry. We welcome any and all members of Sacred Heart to get involved in this wonderful service project.

John C. Satter

Brian Fay

Tim Feldheim

Co-Chairs Service Committee

fooddrive2 food drive1 IMG_0900

Craft Beer Exchange

On Thursday, December 10th, 2015 we met at Hofherr Meat Co. (300 S. Happ Rd. Northfield, IL) for the first annual Craft Beer Exchange. Everyone bought a six pack of their favorite craft beer and took home at least a six pack of assorted beers home. BBQ Sliders, Cured Meats and Cheeses were served and it was outstanding. great time by all!

IMG_0894 IMG_0896 IMG_0895

First Annual March Madness Poker Tournament

On March 20th of this year we kicked off March Madness with our first annual Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament. Over forty guys attended with about 24 playing. With three big screens showing different games along with pizza and beer, it was a great night. Hat’s off to Tim Feldheim who outlasted John Joyce to win the pot. A big thank you to Tim and especially Brian Fay who put the event together and kept the games moving!