Monthly Meeting (7/10/17) Summary

Bonnell led the opening prayers

Discussed Speaker Series – potential to have Jack Farley’s father Dick speak. Dick was a Deputy Director of the FBI and currently works for NFL Security. November 6th best date – waiting for Madigan to confirm The Lodge.

Discussed Bellarmine retreat and the many benefits of attending. Details can be found at

Extensive discussion on issues of abortion, priest pedophilia, confession and as Catholics how do we feel and deal with bad and the good?

Discussed donating to Career Resource Center again. We decided to hold off this year due to relatively low participation of SH parishioners in the program and would like to build our coffers.

Discussed the two main parish events – Oktoberfest and St Pats, and why there is a general apathy and low involvement in running these events. All agreed that parish events bring congregation together but not certain how to revitalize.

We will do Columbanus Christmas Food Drive at the Grand again. Fay leading efforts

Adler will check with Dooley on Craft Beer Exchange

Levoy may lead a Northwestern Tailgate event for parents and kids

Kleiner asked if the local chapter of Knights of Columbus, which he is involved with, could make a presentation to the Men’s Club. We agreed to revisit


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