Minutes – 6/12/17

Opening Prayers

Discussed lack of momentum with group. Lots of reasons cited such as summertime, other priorities and Monday meetings which have never been widely attended.

This led to discussions on the Speaker Series which is the most widely attended event. Some names were brought up:

Chris Collins, Kerry Woods, Rick Hahn….then Jack Farley brought up his father Dick Farley who served as Deputy Director for the FBI. Jack and Rich to follow up.

Rob brought up the upcoming issue with the annual Oktoberfest. He and his wife ran it last year and had a problem getting volunteers. They can not take the lead this year and the Parish may drop the party due to lack of a lead person volunteer. We discussed the issue of volunteers for parish-wide parties and lots of suggestions were raised. I think we all agreed that the Parish should form a Social Committee to plan events and get volunteers to run the events. Rich and Rob will follow up with Michelle and Fr. Steve. The idea of the Men’s Club taking over Oktoberfest and St Pat’s parties was shot down quickly.

Upcoming Men’s Club events that need to be planned: P’s & Q’s, Craft Beer Exchange and a possible Father/Child Northwestern game with tailgate.

Greg brought up the dates for the Bellarmine Silent retreat – October 13-15. Greg shared the details and the benefits of attending. Previously, there were pretty good attendance for the Sacred Heart weekend but lately it has waned. To learn more and sign up: http://jesuitretreat.org/retreats/October-13-15-2017


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