Monthly Archives: August 2017

Meeting Notes – 8/14/17

Bonnel led opening prayers including prayers of the faithful

Discussed the recent marches/clashes in Charlottesville. A lot of mixed feelings. Most agreed free speech is a liberty that shouldn’t be limited except if insights violence.

Mr Dick Farley (Jack’s father) will be the speaker for Speaker Series November 6th. Adler to follow up with Farley on bio, etc to start marketing event

There will not be an Oktoberfest this year due to lack of parishioners taking the lead on running event. Disappointing but there will a party in the courtyard coinciding with Founders Day weekend and visit by Cardinal.

Adler will reach out to Dooley to see if he will lead Craft Beer Exchange again this Christmas time

Fay is running the Columbanis Christmas Dinner Food Drive again this December

Keiner offered up Hilda’s Soup Kitchen as another place looking for help.

Grodecki discussed the Sacred Heart Men’s Retreat October 13-15

An idea was floated by Fay and Levoy to do a Northwestern Football game and tailgate. Trying to find good date