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Consider Becoming a Minister of Care

Ministry of Care is a beautiful outreach ministry that serves the sick and elderly by bringing prayer, presence and Holy Communion to those who are in the hospital, a nursing home or at home.   This ministry allows those who are sick and homebound to experience the nearness of God and the Christian community of Sacred Heart through the presence of the Minister of Care and through the reception of the Eucharist at life’s most difficult moments.

We are in particular need of Ministers of Care for our outreach to the two local nursing homes we serve, Lake Cook and Glen Oaks, both located on Skokie Blvd in Northbrook.

Who can be a Minister of Care?

Compassionate men and women who are:

  • loving, caring and willing to spend time with the sick and suffering;
  • good listeners;
  • compassionate and empathetic;
  • non-judgmental & confidential;
  • open to sharing prayer and faith with the sick; and
  • willing to undertake the necessary initial training for the ministry (six 2-hour sessions). Note: The training enhances the spirituality of the Minister of Care and prepares them to serve the faithful at their homes and elsewhere.

How does one begin?

Contact Judy Pyke or Mike McNulty at the Parish office.  They’ll enroll you in the next scheduled Archdiocesan training session.  You’ll apprentice with an experienced minister, either visiting a homebound person, or patients in a nursing home or hospital.

For your information, there are various Ministers of Care from Sacred Heart who regularly visit the homebound or parishioners in the hospital.  There also are parishioners who visit the two nursing homes every Thursday.

Do you have a fear about this ministry?

Ministry of Care training and the apprenticeship will enhance the gifts you already have and prepare you to minister to those in need in a very special way.  You will also receive support in doing it and will be able to reflect with others on what is helpful in working with the sick.

How does one receive this care?

It is important to the parish to stay in touch with its sick and/or elderly and tend their sacramental and spiritual needs.  If a person cannot attend Mass, even for a short period, she/he is urged to contact the Parish to request that Holy Communion be brought to their home, nursing home or hospital.  Sacred Heart wants to help keep its parishioners stay connected to the Body of Christ!

So help yourself by helping others!  Consider this worthwhile ministry.  We could really use your help.